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Here is a selection of my works done as a student and as a freelance. Feel free to contact me if you want more information.


» Ephemeral Communication

Ephemeral Communication

» Immersive Rail Shooter

Immersive Rail Shooter

» Lieubeau Vigneron

Lieubeau Vigneron

» Orange prospective inbox

Orange prospective inbox

» Let’s ride to Denver

Let’s ride to Denver

» Exquisite corpse in a washing...

Exquisite corpse in a washing machine

» The Vegetable Puppetry

The Vegetable Puppetry

» Welcome stranger

Welcome stranger

» Veins of Denver

Veins of Denver

» Sticking Tour

Sticking Tour

» Flux


» Friend of a friend

Friend of a friend

» We Are Pirates

We Are Pirates

» Z – survivor

Z – survivor

» Pinball


» Halle 6 Project

Halle 6 Project
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